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The book of love has music in it In fact that's where music comes from Some of it is just transcendental Some of it is just really dumb...🎶odnosząc się do ostatniej relacji ❤️ Photo. @golebiowski_photography #polishmodel #throwback #art #shooting #projector #creativity #photography #petergabriel #bekindtoyourself #bekindtooneanother

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christine_mauersberger. Blueberry snacks. Morning light. Studio filling up with work

Blueberry snacks. Morning light. Studio filling up with work

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本日も御来店、有難う御座いました。 今日も今日とて、オープンして1時間経てばカウンター満席に、、、本当に皆様、ありがとうございます。 本日はサントリーの方が来られ、ウイスキーの話し、カクテルアワードの話しや業界の話し、、、名残惜しいですが帰宅した今でも話し足りません😅笑 メーカー様が遊びに来られたり、同業の方もですが、紹介で来られる方々と話せる機会が増え、とても幸せ者だなと実感しております。 最近だと、お客様より厳しくも的確な僕自身への御言葉、周南の現状、そしてBAR業界、酒税の話し等、、、そんな話しが尽きません。 明日の金曜、少しメニューを変え、カクテルに対してのアプローチも変えます。 これからも応援、宜しくお願い致します。 さぁ、本日もお疲れ様でした! 明日からの週末営業も頑張ります💪 #徳山 #周南市 #bar #バー #バーテンダー #サントリー #suntory

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منشن صاحبك/صاحبتك؟

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Check out every Episode especially Episode #38 @trijampodcast feat. My alter ego YUNG JIFFA !! #yungjiffa #makernbgreatagain #podcasts #RNBANDCHILL #RNBmusic

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👊🏽 #pumpthegym

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cocoandcowe. 10 years ago I heard about @theremixproject and didn’t have much to gi

10 years ago I heard about @theremixproject and didn’t have much to give but did know how to throw a party in a club so I did what I could and we started raising money for this incredible arts program grassroots style. 10 years later myself and the @haloandcompany team launched their new space and forever home (a home which they now own) doing their PR and ribbon cutting ceremony with the Mayor and some other cool people. At night we produced a super intimate fundraising concert to continue the celebration with surprise guests @majidjordan and @dvsn Last week I was officially voted onto the Board of Directors for this amazing program that grew out of a desperate need in our city to address displaced youth due to incredibly deep budget cuts to programs. This program was essentially created by kids for kids and has seen countless success stories from saving kids from suicide to turning a homeless young boy into a world recognized DJ. It created a place for some of your favourite Canadian entertainers to produce some of our favourite songs and most importantly provided and continues to provide hope in spaces that there isn’t much left. I was proud to help in the beginning because it was finally a program that I could attach myself to that I could see the actual change happening. It wasn’t tied up in bureaucracy, it operated on the leanest of budgets and it truly had nothing to do with attaching yourself to it to give you social status. It set out to help kids and imagine, it actually did just that. In these days if over misinformation, fake news, knee jerk reactions, I say all of this to say, if you want to be apart of the change find something you’re truly into, something you believe in so much that you can’t ignore and just give what you can. Give your time, give your expertise, give your mentorship or give your money. Change can happen on a micro level; it doesn’t always have to be huge and loud. I’ve done a few pretty cool things in my life but putting in the work to finally be recognized as important enough to be on the board of a movement that is really out there in the trenches making change, well that’s a proud moment. Thank u! #giveback

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