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- Menjalani Pagiku - Karena tidak semua orang dapat menikmatinya Maka manfaatkanlah dengan senyuman Hanya orang yang bersyukur hadir tanpa mundur Memotivasi diri sampai berujung hari Ini #pagiku #gbk #cityscapephotography #cityscapes #cameraindonesia #camera_jakarta #sobbaj_jakarta #bajayselalusolid

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Throwback to the days when you could actually see the sunset behind the twin towers! No crowded skyline and no haze! #klcc #petronastwintowers #cityscapephotography

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“What doesn’t kill us, makes our drinks stronger”

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Wasn’t mad about spending a couple days at a conference in @industrycity 😍 Wow... Such a cool area along the water that’s been completely transformed into trendy, urban work and event spaces 🌆

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These are the nights... #csongorphotography

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down the Regent's canal

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Youth Conversations - Naples, Italy, 2019 I was sitting on the side, waiting for a table at Starita when I saw them walk by, I was really curious about what they were discussing.

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Ten years back, a weekend that changed so much. Cairo, Egypt, September 2009 #cairo #egypt #aerialview #cityscapephotography #nofilter #roomview #travel

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And the darkness can descend we can relish all the pain but I know that's what you love 'cause you know I love the same

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