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Happy 1st anniversary my friends!!! It was such a honor to spend an afternoon for our hiking session and then capturing your wedding day, to now becoming friends forever!! Wish you two the best!!

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aimeeflynnphoto. If you want to bring your dog to your shoot please PLEASE do it. .

If you want to bring your dog to your shoot please PLEASE do it. . . . . Also I really really need a dog.. . . . Hosting and Styling: @gebrielandrynephoto + @nickpatton.photos Engagement: @leah_darling @thedavidjohn

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- Photo by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto | The snow covered Pamir Mountains loom over travelers on the road from Kashgar to Pakistan. The journey is a slow one, as men ride donkeys while leading camels loaded with freshly cut hay. #PamirMountains #Pamir #Xinjiang #China #natgeoextra #natgeo #nationalgeographic #natgeoyourshot #natgeotravel #natgeowild #natgeohub #natgeo100contest #natgeotravellerindia #natgeolab #natgeoindonesia #natgeotraveller #natgeography #natgeoinspires #natgeoindia #natgeospace #natgeopix #natgeochile #natgeoru #natgeowild_hd #natgeoyourshot #natgeophotos

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Ivory too much about captions — tsk tsk 🐘 #HakunaMatata

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Долго ли Вы можете ехать? ⠀ Вчера вернулись из республики Алтай, дорога обратно заняла почти 14 часов. Не могу сказать, что 1100км пути дались легко, но доехать за раз было необходимо, так как на следующее утро уже заранее были собраны вещи для поездки в экспедицию на Каспий. Сам понимаю, что разделить дорогу на две части и комфортно приехать до пункта назначения будет гораздо удобнее, чем погонять автомобиль на всех парусах с короткими санитарными и обеденными остановками. Но как всегда желание объять необъятное в горах Алтая выше, чем оквадраченная пятая точка и измотанные попутчики. ⠀ Знаю, что сколько бы не провёл времени в этих местах его всё равно будет мало, но отдых прежде всего должен приносить удовольствие, поэтому мой совет такой. Продумайте маршрут так, что бы от дороги не тошнило и оставались силы на ранние подъёмы для рассветов или ночных съёмок звёзд, возможно дополнительная остановка на маршруте позволит узнать новые локации, да и перемещаться в светлое время суток безопаснее и гораздо интереснее с точки зрения просмотра красот по пути.

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flyingparatha. A lion at the age of 4 years , 8 years , 11 years , 16 years and till

A lion at the age of 4 years , 8 years , 11 years , 16 years and till the age of 20 years sleeps the amount of a 2 week old human baby..🤷🏻‍♀️ * men will be men no matter how big of the majestic tag 😂 * Fact - the lion sleeps 18-20 hours a day, where as the lioness hunts and raises the cubs. Lioness do most of the work in the pride, However once they bring down a kill , it’s the male that gets the first dibs. #LifeIsACircus even in the wild #TheJungleNeedsFeminists #SundayRealFacts . #Lionfacts #JungleRules . . . . . #monochromewildlife #blackandwhitelion #lionportrait #sonyalpha #lionpride #africianlion #lionsofkruger #krugernationalparksouthafrica #monochromeportrait #bnw_empire #bbcindia #natgeoyourshot #natgeowild #natgeowildlife #natgeoinspires #wildcats #wildcatconservation #wildlifephotography #wildcattrail #visitsouthafrica #savelions

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I’m a horse lover — and I also consider myself to be a conservationist. But when you examine the current controversy surrounding wild horses in the western U.S., there isn’t as much overlap as you’d think. The more radical management proposals, like culling and slaughter, are pissing off animal rights activists, and while everyone is busy arguing about what’s best for these animals, their numbers continue to explode. Some reports suggest feral horse populations can double every four years, and there are already over three times as many horses in the western U.S. as the land can sustain. Adoption and birth control are the most “friendly” solutions, but they also require the most resources, and this won’t help every animal. With a stricter limit on how many horses can be snapped up for slaughter outside of the U.S., we’re seeing the noose tighten even more. We are past the point of finding a perfect solution, and for every month we wait, the uglier it’s going to get. ⠀ Earlier this summer I visited Nicole in Nevada, and we spent the better part of an afternoon watching a group of wild horses, comprised of a stallion, two mares, two foals and one male yearling. Though one of the mares looked a bit old and skinny, they were all in good shape and very much a cohesive family unit. I photographed them on a long lens, and as I inched a little bit closer, I spoke softly. I know they’re “wild” animals, but they had definitely encountered humans before, and we seemed to have some sort of a strange understanding with one another out there in the middle of nowhere. I began to wonder what traits make mustangs “adoptable” these days. Would any of these horses be ridden by a loving owner someday, or would they run wild for the rest of their lives? And, if they left this little patch of idyllic desert land, would they starve to death, or would they end up on a BLM holding facility? If laws changed, would they be shot, or shipped off to Mexico, where they’d be slaughtered in conditions far less humane than those that once existed in the U.S.? The more I read, and the more experiences I have, the more I start to question everything…

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