tightenthedrag. The most important part of our event...giving disabled individuals who

The most important part of our event...giving disabled individuals who have had their worlds turned inside out a weekend of “salt therapy” fun, support and relief from their daily challenges. Those of you who come out to be a part of giving that gift to them are simply AMAZING! It takes a village (or a team) of people to make things happen and we are SO thankful for ALL of you. Enjoy the smiles, YOU made them!! #tightenthedragfoundationinshoreslam #adaptivefishing #sciqualityoflife #brave #truecourage #indomitablespirit #makeithappen #workhorsesnotshowponies #teamtighten

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rocksolidself. Post Yom Kippur musings:
Where does abundance come from? My husband sh

Post Yom Kippur musings: Where does abundance come from? My husband shared this beautiful message given over by Rabbi Shmuel Tendler in shul on Yom Kippur. Throughout the tefillos (prayers) we say that Hashem is “Maleh Rachamim - Full of mercy”. What is the significance of the word “full”? Why not say Hashem “has” mercy? A mother who was critically ill asked her son to bring her a cup of water. Confused as to why she needed it (she was unable to drink), her son put some water in a cup and began to bring it to her. “No, fill it all the way to the top, as much as it will hold.” she instructed him. He did as she requested. Of course, despite his best efforts, the water began to spill everywhere as he handed it to her. His mother quickly interrupted his apologies. “My son, this is the lesson that I want to leave you with when I am gone. When a cup is completely full, all you have to do is touch it and it will immediately begin to spill over. So too, Hashem is so full of rachamim, that all you need to do is reach out, touch Him, and His mercy will overflow onto you.” ——— Something I want to really work on this year is adopting an abundance mindset. Not just of money - but also recognizing that God has an abundance of time, energy, love, kindness, drive and joy that He is ready to overflow onto me. I just have to be brave enough to touch it... #rocksolidself #abundance #einodmilvado #truecourage #empowerment #selfesteem #selflove #selfworth #jewishwomen #selfawareness #strength #selfacceptance #selfrespect #selfcare #jewishwisdom #clarity #success #growth #connection #change #lifeexperience #journey #painwithpurpose #nomoresuffering #peace #livingwithintention

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I’m here with my crew from @spectrumcollective_ at Citadel Park School 🧡 celebrating #OrangeShirtDay with K-4 through traditional & contemporary dance, rhythm-and-poetry, traditional drumming & storytelling! Book your immersive learning arts-based school residency with us today! #calgaryschools #yyc #schoolresidencyprogram #rap #hiphop #dance #danceresidencies #rhythmandpoetry #immersivelearning #experientiallearning #community #culture #compassion #truecourage #belove #YYCLove

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So blessed to be a part of this amazing family’s life! @mollysteffl you are so genuine, humble, inspiring, full of courage and joy! It was so cool to be a part of your experience getting honored by the real cowboys @pbr last night! @abbeysteffl #antibullying #truecourage #inspiring #cowboys #pbr #ninja #ninjalife #mollysteam

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loyalponds. Keep going... when there's No Way of Knowing, what Way this ship is ro

Keep going... when there's No Way of Knowing, what Way this ship is rowing! @pauleysk8r #SkatePonDrosapk #NightisRite

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THIS. There is no man I've known with higher merit. This is one of the few men on my journey that taught me the TRUE meaning of "Warrior" and of the words "I got you". Heart is breaking. I love you East Coast Uncle P...Love you...FIGHT!!!...COME BACK!!! Please send ALL love and healing energy to my friend and his family. #TrueWarrior #TrueCourage

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sparkythefiredog_fbfd. 🔥 Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts are here! 🔥

Firefighters will be w

🔥 Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts are here! 🔥 Firefighters will be wearing these #TrueCourage shirts as part of their uniform for the month of October, & we will be selling the same design to the public. Profits generated will be donated to a fund at the Florida Department of Health: Nassau County office to help local women that do not meet eligibility criteria for the state Breast & Cervical Health program. These women may be under the qualifying age of fifty years, just over the financial threshold, or be recommended for time-sensitive screenings without the ability to pay out-of-pocket. This month, we have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these women and their families. 👨‍🚒🎗

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mirjamoverbeek. I sometimes take screenshots from things I find beautiful or inspiring

I sometimes take screenshots from things I find beautiful or inspiring. Or both. 🤗 I found this one the other day on the Instagram of - I think - Deepak Chopra. It touched me deeply. It is something I struggle with myself from time to time and it is VERY good to be reminded. I am enough 💕 . . . . #quote #inspiration #notetoself #confidence #believeinyourself 🦄 #believeinyou #youareallthisandmore #iamenough #selfacceptance #fearlessness #truecourage

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Courage is something that really gets me thinking. It’s thrown around so often - yet I’m not sure people really understand it. Courage comes from a place of fear - it takes courage to step up and do something when you don’t want to - when you are unsure - when you are afraid. In order for us to be truly courageous we need to understand that at first we will be afraid - and we need to acknowledge this - before stepping in to our courage. . . . . What does courage mean for you? . . . . #truecourage #beafraid #amplifycoachingcollective

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Tag someone you know that’s got the #TrueCourage ❗️⬇️

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The True Alpha Male...😇💋 repost • @the.gentleman.wolf Less than 20 percent of my clients seeking help are men, yet men are statistically three times more likely to commit suicide than women. Part of the reason is because men struggle with opening up and sharing their feelings and being able to talk about what they're afraid of, and they let those fears and emotions break them. To ask for help is perceived as weakness and vulnerability, which can make a man believe that he's not enough as he is. His confidence and courage becomes diminished until he just gives up. A man may try to compensate by acting like an alpha male, a dominant male, in order to feel powerful and successful, but "acting" is not what being an alpha male is about. An alpha male is not a bully, he is a leader who inspires others. He is someone who doesn't let fear stop him from from having the morality and confidence to do the right thing. He is a truth speaker and a man of integrity and honesty. That means that he will choose love over fear because he's not a coward. He's open about his feelings because he doesn't get scared and run away from emotional pain, he faces whatever challenges him. He doesn't look for acceptance, approval, validation or respect — he gives it! An alpha male is willing to accept and do whatever it takes to learn and overcome anything that is hurting himself or the ones he loves. He doesn't make excuses, he gets results. Your willingness to step up and become the creator of your own life and destiny demonstrates courage. Don't give up on yourself and who you can become. Show the world that you can conquer your fears with the strength of the love in your heart. The only true courage is absolute vulnerability. Until you learn how to be brave enough to be open and honest, you will struggle with confidence, self love and self respect. I can teach you how to become a leader. Are you willing to learn? -Joel Clemons • @the.gentleman.wolf Photo credit: @doublegpictures #AlphaMale #DominantMale #NoBully #Inspire #Morality #Confidence #Integrity #Honesty #Choose #LoveOverFear #TrueCourage #Vulnerability #PressingReset #AlwaysHisAngel #HisAngelBliss

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moni.mattioli. Il vero coraggio è scegliere di guardarsi dentro.
True courage is choo

Il vero coraggio è scegliere di guardarsi dentro. True courage is choosing to look within ourselves. #truecourage #coraggio #guardarsidentro #lookwithinyourself #scegliere #scelte #choosing #mirroring #monicamattiolicoach

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briantmorin. True Courage... #truecourage

True Courage... #truecourage

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💖 “Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” ~ Maya Angelou 💖 • Today I had the pleasure of meeting one incredibly and beautifully courageous soul, Claire McFarlane from @footstepstoinspire • She shared a small snippet of her journey with me... beach running 16km in 230 countries to raise awareness for sexual violence. Talk about running with empowered purpose! • Speaking up for those who don’t feel safe to do so, making space to allow for others to open up, and empowering others even if only for the time you grace their company... • You inspire me Claire, and I thank you for sharing with me today, for running with such passion, such clarity, such purpose and such beautiful vulnerability. • 🙏 I honour you 🙏 xo • #FootStepsToInspire #WomenEmpoweringWomen #MayaAngelou #Vulnerability #TrueCourage #EmotionalHealth #MentalHealth #Taboo #Fitspo #MoreHeart #MoreSoul #BodyMindSoulHealth #BodyMindSoulHealing

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Marked with great courage- And an unrivaled spirit- Life of brilliant Anne~ 🥳 #character #truecourage

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Say hi mom and dad 😊🙏 My 2 only hero's. They risked their lives leaving communist Yugoslavia to start a life and family here and for that I will always be #greatful. They will always be part of my #pastpresentfuture - - #soldier #immyparents #neverforget #truecourage #truepassion #truedesire #iloveyouboth #strength #truedetermination #forthefamily #forfreedom #forthefuture #fitfam #trueheros #truesacrifice #itallmakessense #mystrength #grit

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hannahcarene. COURAGE DOES NOT ALWAYS ROAR.. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at

COURAGE DOES NOT ALWAYS ROAR.. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying “I will try again tomorrow.” Tonight, a friend reminded me to “let it go” she even sent me an Elsa GIF lol. Yesterday, I was reminded of the power that comes from sitting in the quiet. I have learned to see strength in stillness and peace in calm. Often our battle is not with those surrounding us but with what is going on inside us. So often what’s on the inside can quickly become the reality of our outside. Perhaps we are prone to erupt, react, cry, stress, procrastinate or run away? Perhaps we hide, overeat, drink excessively or get lost in Netflix. Whatever our ‘reaction’ is.. it’s ours. I’ll be the first to put up my hand and say I feel things in a big way. I feel for others in a big way too. But big feelings can also be hard to navigate and lead to quick reactions. I’ve learned though that when the battle is long, you cannot maintain quick. You also cannot maintain big. You just need to maintain YOU. That realisation spoke to me today. Within the quiet...the battle becomes clearer and the roar turns to insight. Wisdom and strength grow along the way. Your ability to move from a ROAR to POWER IN THE QUIET, your ability to say “I will try AGAIN”, that is TRUE COURAGE. So my friends.. •You are courageous •You are strong •You will face tomorrow •You will try again I will too! Much love, Hannah xx #courage #courageous #powerinthequiet #aquietroar #iwilltryagain #divorcedchristians #singlemums #singledads #truecourage #yourvoice #insidesbecomeoutsides #strengthinstillness #courageincalm #roar #tired #insight #hopeblogger #timeheals #newlife #insight #hopeblogger

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Thank you Women of Wellington and the Wellington Chamber for inviting me to speaking at your fun women’s event last night. Sharing my “Walking With Courage” program with you was an honor. Thank you for your open hearts and your laughter too. I had a wonderful evening. “True Courage is being brave enough to show the world your weaknesses so you can grow stronger.” Soul On Fire - Beauty From Ashes #soulonfire #beautyfromashes #mrswindsor #mrscolorado #truecourage

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goomegaaka. #pinkboxinitiative #AKA  GOO donating toiletry items to #TrueCourage

#pinkboxinitiative #AKA GOO donating toiletry items to #TrueCourage

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livingthehailife. I've never really like superhero movies, and here's why...⁠
It's bec

I've never really like superhero movies, and here's why...⁠ ⁠ It's because those "heroes" were always considered so brave, so endearing, so wonderful. And I'm sitting there like, why?⁠ ⁠ Superman isn't courageous. ⁠ ⁠ Now hear me out, okay. He's powerful and incredible and saves lives and all. But he's not really someone I look up to.⁠ ⁠ It's because when you know you can't be hurt, you lose all ability to be courageous.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ Courage isn't a lack of fear. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ It's feeling that fear that knots up your stomach and tries to choke you out. ⁠ It's knowing what the possibility of failure is like.⁠ It's knowing that there is going to be pain and sacrifice involved.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ People think that they aren't courageous simply because they are afraid. That isn't the case. Rather, you CAN'T be courageous without fear.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ Every second you step out DESPITE that fear means you are someone to be reckoned with, and THAT is something that I look up to.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #becourageous #truecourage #hailifewarrior #faithandfitness #weightlosshelp #christianathlete #jesuschrist #christianity #mentalitycoach #nutritionist #crossfitters #weightlossprogram #weightlosshelp #workoutroutine #quoteoftheday #getswole #dontgiveup #keepworking #workharder #hardworkpaysoff

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