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humanity.plus. We should not lose touch of what the word ‘humanity’ means; that we as

We should not lose touch of what the word ‘humanity’ means; that we as a collective across the world, are united together. This is what we should always keep in mind. All people around the world are connected by this far-reaching concept of a higher understanding of what it means to be human. Humanity means that we are connected regardless of the borders and prejudices that try to divide us. We are connected, truly, sincerely and deeply connected by this word ‘humanity’.

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cge.henrock. S/o to @keystonehiphop ya boy made the cover of there first annual key

S/o to @keystonehiphop ya boy made the cover of there first annual keystone drop!! The roster crazy s/o to everyone apart of the movement #cashgrabent #cashgrab #hiphop #rap #hiphopmusic #rapmusic #rnb #rnbmusic #music #rapper #trap #beats #artist #2gcge #2g #cge #cgemovement #dance #art #worldstar #worldstarhiphop #dj #rappers #follow #trapmusic #polo2g #wearenext #henrock

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humanity.plus. GRL PWR💕🙌🌍


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#𝓨𝓸𝓾&𝓜𝓮 💜 💜 👩‍❤️‍👨 💜 💜 #hisbandandwife

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ladyowens89. Us celebrating The Singletarys!!!! #Lovewinseverysingletarytime #weare

Us celebrating The Singletarys!!!! #Lovewinseverysingletarytime #wearenext #250days

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My amazing wedding date to a beautiful wedding❤️ It’s hard to believe in 33 short days you will be my forever wedding date to become my husband! Forever my favorite date 💛😉 #33days #cashingout #myfavoriteweddingdate #wedo #wearenext

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laser_pilot. Wedding time #notours #wearenext

Wedding time #notours #wearenext

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yotacowizard. To the moon and back babe #foreverweddingdate #wedding #wearenext

To the moon and back babe #foreverweddingdate #wedding #wearenext

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itsjusteriic. She caught the bouquet 💐 #WeAreNext 💍😅❤️

She caught the bouquet 💐 #WeAreNext 💍😅❤️

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nataley_d. My dancing partner forever ❤️ #brownwedding #wearenext 💍

My dancing partner forever ❤️ #brownwedding #wearenext 💍

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humanity.plus. “While volunteering at the refugee camp in Athens, some older voluntee

“While volunteering at the refugee camp in Athens, some older volunteers told us that we were too young to help. Because of our ages at the time (17 and 15), they said we couldn’t have an impact - but we kept going. • Day after day we played with the kids, we created a school, we became one family - people from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan all coming together no matter their differences and becoming our best friends. We realized that we connected more with the kids than anyone else who came to volunteer that was an adult. • Why? Because we were their same age! We found a superpower that none of the other volunteers had, the ability to have them completely relate to us because we were their peers. These connections and friendships transformed us and them, and showed all of the adults and naysayers that we had the true power to make a difference as youth too!” • -Story from Kaitlin, one of our core team members, about volunteering in a refugee camp along her sister Cassidy.

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gnolfo90. Podría tener una prometida mas guapa? 😍❤️ #boda #bodorrio #wearenext

Podría tener una prometida mas guapa? 😍❤️ #boda #bodorrio #wearenext #menwithclass #torresever #myspanishfiancee #myfuturewife

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leannemay.90. When the tables are named after dating website/Apps and your table is

When the tables are named after dating website/Apps and your table is the one where you and husband to be met. 😍 #shesababe #wearenext #happy #whatayear #love

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Ben je een jonge creatieve duizendpoot? Of wil je je tanden zetten in sociale media? Heb je organisatietalent en durf je de leiding nemen in een nieuw dansproject? Of wil jij achter de schermen meehelpen in onze vereniging? Dan is WeAreNext zeker iets voor jou! Heb je Interesse? Kom op 27 september naar ons clubhuis voor een 1e kennismaking tijdens onze startvergadering! Meer info ? stuur je mail naar deze pagina of info@otvnoordzee.be #wearekotvnoordzee #wearegym #wearenext #sportersbelevenmeer #kotvnoordzee

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humanity.plus. Meet our team member Morgan:
“Hey! My name is Morgan, I just turned

Meet our team member Morgan: • “Hey! My name is Morgan, I just turned 18 years old and I’m from Ohio, USA. I just graduated high school and now attend a local college. I am a traveler, activist and have a huge love for concerts! • At Humanity+ I bring some of the big driving forces behind Women’s Rights. I have a strong passion for making a difference in the world by breaking down the barriers between women and the societal views of their bodies as well as helping people feel heard🥰”

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Every moment, breath, day is a an opportunity to be better. To be more you. To be your highest self.♥️ These next two years I know is gonna be tough. I’ve taking the decision to finish my degree while working full time. I’m gonna do this for me. Not because I have to, but just for me. This means, that most of the time is what you would call work, but I don’t believe in a division between work and personal time. To me it’s just life🙏🏻 When choosing to do this, I promised myself that while doing it I would make sure to put in small escapes, vacays and exercise to make sure I would get through this without Breaking myself. Here is my best tips to get through hectic times in your life: . 🍁Make the hard stuff cosy. Light a candle, put on some calming music, sit at your favorite cafe or in your bed. . 🍁Schedule coffee, brunch or a walk with friends and make sure to have set a timeframe. It’s okay to only have an hour or two. . 🍁Schedule exercise a couple times a week. Perhaps it’s just a long walk or run, but make sure to block time. Atm, my favorite is reformer. . 🍁time map your calender. This has been a gamechanger for me. I’m such a structure freak, so doing this has made sure I feel in control of my days and on top of my tasks, and not stressed or always trying to remember all the things I have to do. . 🍁Ask for help and day no. Whenever, I feel there is too much, I look to find things that someone can help me with and ask for it. This can be simple things like asking a friend to get a few things for me if there are gonna go grovery shopping anyway. Also saying no. I say no to a lot of things these days espicially ones that are not a hell yass. . Let me know your best advice in the comments☕️

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